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Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving this year with four people, or if you have the luxury of a backyard and can invite over a few more people at a social distance, it is important now more than ever to celebrate. Of course you should do so safely and follow your local restrictions, but celebrations bring happiness and joy to people’s lives and we could all use a little extra of that, especially right now.

My usual table of 18 will be a small group of four this year, but as the “Queen of Theme” I will still be bringing out all the stops when it comes to decorations. 

While you may not have years of decor ready at your disposal, you still have time to do some online shopping and spruce up your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Here are four things you can easily find online to bring a little magic back to your holiday celebration:

1. Table Runner- The laziest thing you can do for decor that still gets a great reaction. I buy a few online and rotate them from year to year. Crate and Barrel has some nice options. Here are two that I like (here and here). If you can do nothing else for decor, get a runner. You’ll thank me later.

2. Candles- You can go classic with votive candles or mix in some taller candles and play with dimensions and height. I like to buy a few candle holders that I can use for a number of holidays. World Market has some great ones (like these and these)! They keep my tablecloth clean and look great around the house the rest of the year. 

3. Place cards-  My granddaughter Clover has recently taken over this tradition. It’s also a nice thing for her to work on while I finish things up in the kitchen. Solid distraction. Usually I place people at the table for optimal party conversation, but this year we will be seating by household. Isn’t Covid fun? You can do simple place cards and write on little slips of paper, or use themed ones like these, which I prefer. Every little detail counts.

4. Poppers- Decades ago I started adding poppers to the dinner table. If you don’t know what poppers are, go online. I personally love the ones at William Sonoma. After welcoming the guests to the table, we go around and everyone says what they are grateful for. We toast, bring out the poppers, put on the party hats, and have a wonderful moment before breaking into the buffet. It is a nice transition into dinner and a fun party favor for guests of all ages.

Blessing to you, your family, and friends,



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