photo courtesy of Along Came Mary

A picture from happier times last year with my team at one of our larger events during the year.

Along with our beloved restaurants that have been so greatly affected by COVID, so too has the catering and event production industry throughout the United States. 

This pandemic has had a horrible trickle-down effect almost decimating a billion dollar a year industry. My catering company, as well as thousands of other catering companies, have almost come to a full stop. Yes, we have had to get creative with planning virtual or smaller scale events, coordinating takeout and boxed lunches and dinners along with a bottle of wine, as well as whatever else we can do to stay COVID compliant, but that in no way brings back the revenue that helps supports hundreds of different vendors.
You have to understand, it isn’t just the caterers affected. What I do involves so many other companies to make the magical events we’ve become known for over the years. I could never do it alone.

Chefs, Sous Chefs, and Cooks, along with waiters, servers, and bartenders count on events for their income.

Rental companies are trying to survive through small events and capitalizing on their tenting divisions, but they too have had to furlough so many employees.

Florists, Design and Lighting Companies, all instrumental parts in creating the mood for any significant event, have come to a standstill while they try to reinvent themselves for the times.

The food vendors, the companies that supply the breads, meats, fish, produce, anything you can image. You go through the whole food chain and think about how they have been hit by the loss of orders from catering companies and restaurants. It has to have been a great revenue and product loss for these vendors. 

There are many more companies included in the event production industry list and the scale of what this virus has done feels so daunting. This isn’t meant to be a sob story. I treasure all the companies I have worked with, and after having been in this industry for so long, I can say whole heartedly that I know we will be back in the new year. I have the utmost faith that we will be back together soon. Events will look different, but we as people need to honor the special moments and find a reason to celebrate. Celebrations bring happiness and joy to peoples lives and there will always be a niche for that. We’ll be here and ready for you when you are ready to celebrate and we can’t wait.

Blessing to you, your family, and friends,