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Having my own catering and events company for decades upon decades we always created our own desserts. I never had to rely on local bakeries. My darling Eddie, our pastry chef, made the most amazing cakes, tartes, miniatures, cookies, pies, our most famous dessert chocolate brownie pudding ten different ways. I could go on and on. His baking was off the charts. It is amazing what our Eddie could do. If you don’t have a pastry chef on speed dial, Los Angeles has some great local options for treats for yourself or that special someone. 
With Valentine’s Day this weekend, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite local bakeries so you can grab some Valentine’s Day desserts to make sure you have a sweet February 14th.
My favorites bakeries for Valentine’s Day desserts are: 

1. Sweet Lady Jane

Sweet Lady Jane is known for their magnificent wedding cakes, but they do it all. I especially love their delicious Triple Berry Cake. I’ve served it at many occasions and I think it makes a great Valentine’s Day dessert as well.

Photo Courtesy of Along Came Mary

2. Susie Cakes

Susie Cakes has a wonderful assortment of cakes and cupcakes. Some people think cupcakes are on the way out. That is not true. Cupcakes are still high on my list and are always a go to for so many different celebrations. One of my personal favorite cupcakes from Susie Cakes is the Flourless Chocolate Cupcake. For their cakes I really like the Old Fashion 6 Layer Chocolate Cake. It is one of the more decadent of their cakes, which I love love. Let’s not forget the Vanilla Celebration Cake too. I love a reason to celebrate anything!

3. Sprinkles

Sprinkles is the quintessential cupcake shop. Some of my favorite cupcakes are the Red Velvet and the Black and White. They also now make a pupcake. I know Brad Pitt can’t wait to try it. He is our pit bull named Brad Pitt.

4. Eagle Rock Bakery

Who says Valentine’s Day desserts can only be chocolates? Why not try a different assortment of treats? Being a NY Italian girl I couldn’t wait to find a great Italian bakery and I found one in Eagle Rock. Eagle Rock Bakery makes some of my favorite Italian cookies, and my all time favorite dessert, cannoli’s. They have all the basic Italian pastries and cookies that I love! They don’t have a website, because they are old school Italian. You’ll just have to stop by and try them.




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