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When I was a little girl Mama said that just because my birthday is the day after Valentine’s Day, didn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate both holidays with lots of love. She would celebrate Valentine’s Day and my birthday as two separate holidays back to back. 

The Palm

Years later when I moved to Los Angeles on my actual birthday, February 15th, we celebrate by going to dinner at The Palm in Los Angeles at the West Hollywood location. Now we go to the location in Downtown LA. I loved the West Hollywood location before they moved to Beverly Hills. We frequented both these venues so much that my picture was put on both the West Hollywood and Downtown LA walls. I was very good friends with Gigi the maitre d’ and would never have to wait on any day for my special table by the window. I knew all the waiters at the Palm and went every Sunday for years with my family. We loved being there. It felt like home. It was the kind of restaurant where you always saw people you knew. I miss the West Hollywood location very much and I miss Gigi too. He was amazing. Gigi passed away a few years ago. He was loved by all.

A Memorable Birthday

Every year at the Palm on my birthday we order Lobster and Porter House Steak. Last year my niece Janine had a surprise birthday party for me. She turned her dining room into a replica of the Palm. We fit 25 people into her dining room. I walked into the room and it was so realistic. From the table cloths, to the chairs, to everything. All the photos on the walls were photos of the family. It was amazing. She even hired a chef to cook an authentic Palm Lobster and Porterhouse Steak dinner.
It was an unforgettable dinner for a monumental birthday. 

This Year, A Different Birthday Celebration

I’ll be celebrating differently this year. Maybe take out from The Palm, but nothing will compare to last years celebration.




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