International Women’s Day is Monday, and with it being Women’s History Month as well, it felt like a great time to talk about some of the influential women in history that I’d like to celebrate.

When thinking of influential women of course immediately I think of honoring our first female VP of our great country, Kamala Harris. Eleanor Roosevelt was another great woman in history, who was so much more than just the wife of the president. She was a magnificent influencer. RGB, god rest her soul, is another great one and changed the course of history for the best on so many different levels in the US Supreme Court. She will be missed always. 

As much as my mind goes to politics, this blog is about me and my journey, and what would that journey be without food. So this Women’s History Month I want want to honor the strong women in food who have inspired my life. 

1. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart was very inspirational and influential in my life at the beginning of my catering business. She actually started her business the same year I started mine. The thing about Martha was that her husband was a publisher, so when she was publishing her first book she had a leg up. From magazines to homeware she has done it all and has really paved the way for a lot of women in this industry. She is a survivor and has really shown women, especially in food, how to reinvent themselves through the ages.

2. Julia Child

You can’t mention women in food without mentioning Julia Child. Julia is an institution in herself. She was one of the first chef’s to have a cooking show on tv and she made cooking fun and fearless. She made a profound effect on how America eats, cooks, and drinks. Growing up in an Italian household I loved watching her cook french food, which seemed so foreign to me. Her over use of butter though, that I could get behind. 

3. Donna Hay

Donna Hay made food that I read about food that I wanted to eat. I remember her articles in Marie Claire and I subscribed to her magazine the year it came out. I looked at her magazines all the time for ideas and inspiration, and I still do. She was at the forefront of food styling and making food look as good as it tasted. I’ve gotten so many ideas from her magazines over the years and I still look back at old copies when I’m feeling stuck. 

Who are some women you admire and are celebrating this month?




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