Spring is here and I’ve already started with the Easter decorations. I love that Easter is the beginning of spring when the trees start filling up with leaves and buds, and the flowers start blooming. The scent of spring is mesmerizing. No more snow and no more gloom, at least in California. Growing up Easter meant Sunday dinners with Easter Baskets filled with candy, lots of candy. Later in life I started adding in my own traditions like beautiful table scapes and decorations all throughout the house.

Whether you stick to pastel colors when decorating or if you get a little more in to the theme with eggs and bunnies, that is up to you. I prefer to do a little bit of both. I would say my Easter decorations style is whimsical and elegant. 

Here are some of my tips for Easter decorations: 

Favorite Florals:

Tulips are one of my favorite Spring flowers. I remember when I went to Amsterdam and went to visit the Tulip fields. I was so taken aback by all the different colors of Tulips. Did you know they even have black Tulips? Lilacs are beautiful flowers for Easter as well. I place them all around the house. If I set a dinner table outside I like to put 3 arrangements of Tulips down the center of the table. You can also do a myriad of bud vases. Keep it simple but elegant. 

Photo Courtesy of Claus Dalby

Dust Off The Decorations:

While you are doing some spring cleaning, why not dig out the good tableware as well. I like to use my own china that I’ve collected for decades. For spring I like to use my collection of beautifully colored of depression glassware. Always pastel for Easter decorations. I have a collection of cake pedestals that I use for cakes, desserts, and even just to make the table a little more interesting with varying heights for decorations. 

Photo Courtesy of FarmHousePeachCo
Photo Courtesy of Along Came Mary Events

Candy for Everyone:

Like everyone else in America I love Easter baskets and have since I was a child. Usually my baskets were, and still are, filled with chocolate bunnies and candies like Jelly Beans, or dark and milk chocolate eggs wrapped in colorful foil. I also include scotch mellow eggs and little toy treats for the kids. Everyone likes Easter baskets, so for my adult family the same holds true with lots of candy and little treats. My nieces especially love beautiful pastel colored nail polish in their baskets.

I think the biggest treat of the day for kids especially is an Easter egg hunt. Classic colorful plastic eggs filled with treats the kids scream with joy to find as many as possible.

What is your favorite Easter treat?

Happy Easter to all!



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