photo courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

Every year we do gourmet gift baskets for our clients. These aren’t your usual gift baskets. I pride myself on the attention to detail and making sure each basket is personalized for the recipient. No two baskets are alike. It takes a lot of time, but it is important to me that our clients know how much they and their business means to us, especially during times like these. 

Here are some tips on putting together the perfect gift basket:
The Container- The amount of time I spend on the container alone can seem daunting, but the container is just as important as what you put in it. The basket must be beautiful, not just an ordinary basket. We’ve done everything from hand woven wooden baskets to using Radio Flyer wagons, beautiful platters, charcuterie boards, trays, cake stands, and many more creative ideas! Don’t be afraid to try something non conventional that they can repurpose.

Homemade- Who doesn’t love homemade, and when you can’t be with your loved ones this year, getting something made from the heart is extra special. We usually include top secret recipe cookies like molasses cookies or dark chocolate peppermint cookies. I posted about the recipe last week here (you’re welcome). I also like to include ACM’s signature dessert of small tins of our infamous chocolate brownie pudding. Festive donuts are nice as well. If sweets aren’t your thing, you can also do tomato sauce (I am Italian), fresh made loafs of zucchini bread, or something similar to our house blend of roasted salted spicy nuts. 

Cheers- Wine, champagne, you can get truly decadent with whatever you want to include, but don’t break the bank just because. If they like red wine, you can include a nice table wine and it will mean just as much. If they don’t drink you can include a lovely bottle of French sparkling apple cider.
Frames- My home is adorned with hundreds of frames of family and friends. I think it’s a perfect gift for the holidays. I always put frames in or on top of the gift container. If you want to go the extra mile I sometimes will include my favorite image from the recipients most recent event or party. People rarely have time to print images anymore and they really appreciate the extra step. 
Candles & Potpourri – Another perfect holiday gift. Who doesn’t like the scent of orange bitter sweet or a balsam scented candle. Potpourri is inexpensive, and a lovely filler, but remember to keep within the scent of the season. Flowery is not holiday, but pine, balsam, currant, or orange bittersweet are all great choices. Fill up the room with splendor!
Holiday dish towels, soaps, and lotions- Always a lovely addition.
Make sure to wrap the container with cellophane, add a holiday bow, and it will sure to be a gift that will be cherished forever. 
Wishing you a happy and festive holiday season,

Guess these skeletons picked the right party! This halloween we set up a decorative candy bar with jars filled to the rim. Also decorating the table were caramel apples rolled in nuts and miniature seasonal desserts: pumpkin cheesecake, apple tartar tin, banana cream pie, cappuccino pot de creme.