Along Came Mary

When Mary Micucci started Along Came Mary Events in 1975, there was no such thing as “off-site” catering, and virtually no event production.  With a passion for food and a unique vision, Mary and her team established innovative production and culinary excellence as the standard for the emerging industry.  Along Came Mary is frequently credited as having established the modern movie premiere. Mary made an art of the entertainment industry’s most celebrated events, and throughout the years became known as the “Queen of Theme.” Now celebrating 45 years, and having built a legacy for event production and catering, Mary Micucci continues to bring that same passion to parties, consulting, building her social media platform and blog, and soon to be published…her first book, a business memoir.

Mary Micucci

Foodie. Angelino. Activist.
Hollywood Legend.
Mamma e Nonna.

photo courtesy of @Magnolia_House1

Lot’s of people make New Year’s resolutions. 

I really don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I just continue to do my life. In 2021, that translates into working hard, being creative, looking forward to when catering and event production is back, starting the third draft of my first book and everything crazy that entails, and keeping on top of my social media. The most important thing for me however, is spending as much time as possible with family, my partner Kimmy, and my close friends during Covid.  

Giving Back

It is important for me to continue giving back to my community, especially in these times when so many people are in need of love, kindness, food to eat, and financial support. I support many non profits in LA and I feel that it is my moral responsiblilty to continue this commitment. I will stay committed to my Democratic party and support Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and President Biden’s agenda for his 4 year term in office. 

Keeping Healthy

Keeping healthy, eating healthy with of course some treats in between, and doing as much as I can to keep my body strong.

I will continue to keep celebrating. Even with COVID I will continue to celebrate safely with small gatherings, amazing food, and a drink or two along the way. I will spend precious time with my 4 year old granddaughter Clover, and teach her things that only a grandmother can teach. 

I’m pouring myself a Christmas Raspberry Vodka Martini, light on the vodka, and toasting you all to a blessed and happy 2021. Recipe below so you can toast with me as well.


Christmas Raspberry Vodka Martini 
(Recipe Courtesy of @Magnolia_House1)

Put raspberries and a sprig of rosemary in the cocktail shaker, give it a good bashing.

1 shot of vanilla vodka
2 shots cranberry juice
Half a lemon juiced 
2 tablespoons simple syrup
Loads of ice and give it a good shake

Strain and serve
Add rosemary and raspberries to garnish