Mary and her chefs have not only been in “the know” on every food trend, but have been the trendsetters themselves….


Along Came Mary (ACM) founded by Mary Micucci, is now in its fourth decade and is widely recognized as the architect of a groundbreaking style of gourmet catering and event production that has revolutionized the field.  The company has made an art of Hollywood’s most celebrated events in establishing new and innovative production and culinary standards within an industry known for trendsetting.  Mary and company are frequently credited as having established the “modern movie premiere.”

In 1980, when Los Angele caterer, Along Came Mary, catered their first premiere party for Paramount’s “Popeye,” Mary incorporated thematic cuisine with sights, sounds and textures.  It was a career and life-altering moment and Mary had no idea she’d be setting the precedent for a $20 billion-a-year “party planning” industry.  Since then Mary and the ACM team have created premieres for blockbusters such as “ET”, “Batman”, “Indiana Jones” ( thus beginning Mary’s “from a distance” love affair with Harrison Ford), “Braveheart”, “Titanic”, “Men in Black”, “Mission Impossible I, II and III”, “Spiderman”, “Oceans 11, 12 and 13”, and “The Twilight Saga” to name a few.

Along with setting the bar of excellence for Hollywood premieres, ACM has had the pleasure of serving Presidents Carter, Clinton and G. W. Bush, as well as catering the weddings of Barbra Streisand & Josh Brolin, Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman.  ACM has produced almost every award show held in L.A. including the Emmy’s, Grammy’s, SAG Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, Spirit Awards, MTV Movie Awards and VH1 Honors.  Additionally, they have produced countless fundraisers and galas; events for Fortune 500 clients such as GM, Ford, and Google, along with luxury goods companies, such as Dom Pérignon, Cartier, Neiman Marcus and nearly every boutique on Rodeo Drive.

While every aspect of an event is of the utmost importance, Mary and the ACM team are “chefs at heart”.  Mary’s first love is food and she has surrounded herself with a team (some of whom have been with her for over 25 years) who are just as passionate about the culinary arts.  Mary and her chefs have not only been in “the know” on every food trend over the years but have set the trends themselves.  The Hollywood Reporter referred to Mary as “The Epicurean Steven Spielberg.”

To observe the process of the ACM staff creating a party from the ground up is like watching a well-oiled machine with many cogs, bells & whistles… and of course, color!  The first step is creating the “heart” of every event…the menu.  Each staff member has ACM favorites and it is always a spirited discussion deciding what dishes are going to “make it” onto each menu.  After countless meetings on floral, décor, tastings, lighting, branding (you name it) event day arrives… but the kitchen is where the real action is!  Mary always stands at the helm with her executive chef, directing countless cooks and often times hundreds of floor staff.  ACM has built kitchens to serve events of 20, 500, 1000 and broke the record at 16,000 guests!  While the kitchen runs  full steam ahead, there is another ACM team combing the room to make sure every floral piece is blooming, every linen is crisp, and light is shining (just as a start) to ensure a flawless event.

Event day is the best time to watch the ACM team do what they do best – The energy, creativity, and intensity of the Along Came Mary team is on full display, serving up the most delicious and innovative events!