hollywood catering

“Extraordinary food is all about the soul of the chefs in the kitchen” – Mary


Mary Micucci grew up in a warm-hearted Italian family and came away with deeply engraved memories of warm/loving family meals, kinship with her mother, father, siblings and friends, and the tradition of bringing people together.  Her fascination and love of food goes back to some of her earliest memories. Daddy, a Butcher by trade, owned a famous butcher shop in Queens, NY and always brought home the most delicious cuts of meat.  To this day, Mary still loves her Porterhouse steaks and her mother’s recipe for meatballs.

It is fitting then that Mary’s living room centers on the most telling of photograph. Propped upon the mantle stands a photo of a five-year old brown-haired girl with shiny big brown eyes, surveying her birthday table with party hats and blowers and in the middle a birthday cake fit for a Princess.

In the early 70’s Mary pursued a career as a flight attendant. This career gave her the opportunity to experience new cultures and traditions as well as to be exposed to extraordinary cuisine.  After four years as a flight attendant the spirited young woman’s next stop was Los Angeles where she attended college to pursue a career in Marketing and Communications.

The industrious young gal worked her way through school as a waitress at Los Angeles eateries frequented by the rich and famous. While waiting on tables she danced her way into her patron’s hearts. She also came in contact with A list celebrities and wives of major power brokers.  Never one to allow herself to be marginalized, after graduating with honors, Micucci took the opportunity to create an “all-female” bartending service at a time when women weren’t the ones serving up Martinis & Margaritas.

The bartending service quickly evolved into a small catering company. This led her back to her first love, food.  In 1980, Mary was asked to cater the “Popeye” premiere for Paramount Studios for 1000 guests.  When she walked into the tent behind the Mann’s Chinese Theater she was mesmerized by the enormity and scope of design that Disney put into place. With the success of this event, Mary realized that she wanted to do more than just cater she wanted to create every aspect of an event.


At a time when Hollywood was changing the way they did business the movie premieres started the beginning of her legacy. Soon after “Popeye” Mary was called by every studio to do there events and to date, she has catered and produced more than 450 premieres, becoming the Hollywood catering company. Through the years she has catered and produced countless social events, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, corporate and fundraisers.  Along Came Mary has set the standard for amazing food, impeccable service and Event Production.

Mary lives in her beautiful home in Hancock Park.  Her home is a place where family and friends gather to enjoy great food, love and laughter.